Technology Center

The technology center of Haitong Investment Group which was founded in 2009 has been the provincially approved technology center by the city of Chongqing. And the technology center of Yunhai Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. as our affiliated department has also been municipally certified by the city of Chongqing.

Our group technology center is highly experienced in the field of automotive engine components, servo control system, rail transit casting parts and hydrolic/petroleum machinary , design, preproduction, testing and calculation analysis. All these advantages have always kept us in the leading position of Chinese automotive and servo control system industry.

The technology centers are directly under the jurisdiction of Haitong Investment Group serving their best to the continously products development, quality control and effeciency improvement.



Top-Down Designing Ability

The Group Technology Center is fully capable of the complete forward design for vacuum pumps, oil pumps, water pumps, drive plates, fiywheels & ring gears assy. and servo-control system. According to the customers requirements on the products performance and installing boundary conditions, Haitong designing ability can always meet the customers demands.
Self-developed parameter designing software
  • inputting the eccentric and generating circle to get the vacuum pumps chamber shape line.
  • automatically create 3D digital models for oil pumps inner and outter rotors.
  • inputting the appropriate parameter to get 3D digital model of pumps chamber and impellers.

Mold Flow Analysis

Haitong technology center is highly capable of mold flow analysis. In the field of pump body design, ferrous metals casting and aluminium alloy die casting, we use professional software like Solidworks and Anycasting to analyse and optimize our process of design.
Relative flow speed distribution plot of mold flow analysis for Water Pump design.
Cooling and solidification process of molding flow analysis for large & complicated casting parts.

CAE finite element analysis ability

CAE Analysis
Haitong technology center use the professional software like ANSYS and Solidworks for finite element analysis to optimize the structure design of the products.
Analysis for flywheel friction surface deformation and thickness strength
Analysis for torsions, pressures and stresses distribution on a drive plate
Analysis for stresses, drift and strain for vacuum pump.

research and experiment


Detection & Analysis

Haitong technology center is equiped with advanced detection and analysis devices, which allow us to fully examine our products in the aspects of dimensional accuracy, geometric tolerance, mechanical performance, chemical composition, metallurgical structure, inherent defect and etc.
Three-coordinates Detection System
Spectroanalysis System
Metallographic Microscope Analysis System.


Haitong technology center is fully equiped to do the full-performance and endurance test for pumps of automotive engine (oil pumps, water pumps and vacuum pumps); to do the dynamic balance, burst test for flywheel assy. , separating force and impact fatigue resistance test test for the ring gears, ballast test for the drive plate assy. . Our self-developed servo electric cylinder testing platform system can perform experiment and test on T output force, kinematic velocity, stroke, positioning accuracy and etc.
Self-developed electric cylinder testing platform system